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Groom Professional First Love Cologne

Image of Groom Professional First Love Cologne



This cologne has proved to be an increasingly popular fragrance. It consists of fresh rose fused with balsams, hawthorn, sandalwood and musk. Smells similar to the famous baby powder/fresh cologne but slightly lighter and fresher.

Lovely light baby powder fragrance suitable for any dog to add a lovely smell and extra cute factor. Great for use between washes to freshen up the pooches scent
Really nice finishing touch for a freshly washed/groomed canine
New sleek design bottles

To Use: Just one or two sprays on to the dogs coat from a distance or on to a brush to be applied through the coat, to leave that fresh baby scent for days.

Helpful Tip: This spray can also be kept in the house or car to freshen up rooms and add a pleasant smell that lasts.